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    Why Do We Need A Code Of Conduct?

    We as the Administrators would like this virtual community to be successful in its mission to promote and support the interests of EAI users, in order to do this it is necessary for all members of this site to follow certain principles to attain success for the Forum.

    These are:

    A. Respect for each other – and accept that we can disagree at times.
    B. Discuss and debate important issues without personal attacks.
    C. Express differences of opinion using factual statements and reasoned arguments.
    D. “Agree to disagree” when an impasse is found.
    E. Be supportive and non-judgmental and focus on how our statements might affect one another.
    F. Be able to see things from the other person’s point of view, and bear in mind we are all suffering with pain.
    G. No hidden agendas.
    H. Remember that people communicate differently, which is fine, as long as the above are abided by.

    Code of Conduct Rules

    Rule 1. Respect other people’s privacy:
    A. Don’t share sensitive or personal information given to you via PM, email, phone, or in-person conversations. If you are unsure of what is appropriate to share, please ask permission of the person who shared the information.
    B. Don’t make assumptions or insinuations about people, members or otherwise, without proof that you are able to share (see A).
    Rule 2. Don’t abuse your power.
    Rule 3. Forgive – We are all human and can make mistakes.
    Rule 4. Be willing to “agree to disagree” when an discussion reaches an impasse.
    Rule 5. Do not use sarcasm, obscenity, or “attack language” against other members. “Attack language” can be defined as straying from maintaining a professional, respectful dialogue, and attacking another individual’s person, intelligence, or emotions.
    Rule 6. Respect the requests of Moderators when discussions reach difficult points.

    Progressive Discipline

    Forum Members who are in breach of the Code of Conduct Rules will be subject to the following Disciplinary steps:
    Step 1. Warning from Moderator via private message. This Moderator will make necessary editing to any posts involved at their own discretion – these matters will be discussed with other Moderators.
    Step 2. Warning from Moderator, to be visibly posted on the thread in question.
    Step 3. Vote by the Moderators/Admin team to ban members who refuse to comply to previous steps and persist upon breaching our rules.
    This banning will be via PM and may be made publicly also depending on the severity of the breach.
    Admin Group

    By joining the forum you have agreed to the following. Please take time every now and then to view this page as updates may be available.

    Responsibilities for Moderators

    1. To maintain civil debate and harmony amongst the forum and its members.
    2. To guide heated discussions back to acceptable parameters, as defined by the Code of Conduct Rules.
    3. To carry out necessary disciplinary action to forum members who break the Code of Conduct Rules.
    4. To have their own posts viewed by other Moderators to avoid any misinterpretations in language that may offend of confuse.
    5. To respect their roles by adhering closely to the Code of Conduct Rules.
    6. To refrain from abusing control of the site to unilaterally ban, edit, delete, censor, etc.
    7. Note: Moderators will be subject to the same Progressive Discipline steps as any Member, and will also be monitored by other Moderators.

    Protecting Your Privacy

    This is a public forum and is open to anyone to read without registering, search engines will lead people to forum messages.
    This allows those searching for a solution to their health problems to find us, and perhaps we can help them.
    By taking that extra moment to keep your personal information personal, you allow this forum to be open to the public in the fullest sense of the phrase. You are helping to help others. We really appreciate this!

    Please note the following suggestions:

    1. Keep your personal information personal.
    2. Do not post your full name, email address, home address, telephone number, or anything else you want to keep private on the forum, unless you want the world to know about it.
    3. If you still want to exchange personal information with another member, you should do so using the private messaging, so long as you are comfortable doing so.
    4. We recommend you use your real first name and a single letter for your last name. This may or may not be the first letter of your last name. This way we are talking to real people with real names, but not revealing our full names. Your login name must be one that you will remember easily.
    You may edit and or delete posts if you wish
    Thank you Admin

    This is a reminder to New Members that you should not use your Full Name as your username, the internet is a public place and therefore unless you wish to let the World know your problems we suggest that you abbreviate your name or use an alternative username. We cannot take any responsibility for any tracing of your personal information posted here on the Forum.


    Advertisements are not permitted on the message board. Such posts will be deleted.
    Links to relevant news, published articles and educational content are permitted.

    Please take note that views expressed on the forum are personal views and not those of the Endometriosis Association of Ireland.

    No posting of large images – this will slow the site down and cannot be viewed properly. Please compress images using

    Do not use the forum as a “YouTube bin” – only post a video if it is related to a topic.

    Insulting or badmouthing forum members or other charities may result in a ban.

    Racism and sexism are striclty fobidden. Any racial or sexist comments will result in a ban.

    Trolls or anyone suspected of trolling will be banned immediately unless proven otherwise.

    Direct advertising of products or services is not allowed in the forum. Product recommendations and offers that are topical is ok and encouraged.

    The forum will be moderated daily. Moderators have the right to remove any post without notice.



    Well done on a great summer news letter.

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