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    Hi Ladies. I am a long time endo sufferer. I had my 2nd lap April 2014 was discharged same day under the advice we had 1 to 2 years to TTC. Following morning I was re-admitted in excruciating pain and was kept in for 1 week. Day 4 I had CT scan, ((It was back))
    Obviously my partner and I where shocked. I never imagined leaving hospital worse than when I went in.!! My guiny said he feels he would be doing us an injustice putting me on another waiting list and referred me to Rotunda private. Im having tests at the moment bloods so far. He said I have hyperenhancing endometriosis. Have any of you ladies gotten pregnant naturally with such severe endo?? My symptoms are well horrific. Ive been off work over a year now.
    Any success stories or info would be greatly appreciated. Also I have B2GP1 and IGG enzyme



    I am so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time with endo and TTC. Did you have excision surgery? Is there any chance you could see an excision specialist to remove your endometriosis, as this would be the only way to treat the disease. I will ask some of our members who have experience to comment on the TTC with severe endometriosis, if you are on Facebook we have a private group where there is more activity, drop me an email on if you would like to be added x


    Hi xxbellxx

    I don’t know if my endo was as bad as yours but I got pregnant 3 times naturally with stage 3 endometriosis including ovarian involvement.

    Best of luck to you


    Thanks ladies. I am seeing the new guiny next week to get results so I will ask about the excision surgery.
    I know it would be the best option but I don’t have health insurance so I probably won’t get it.
    And thanks Janice for the little ray of hope. Its always good to hear a success story or 3 lol.
    Where you trying for long? Did you do anything that you feel up’d your chances? Vitamins ect? My 21 day bloods fall on a Saturday so ive to get them done in the Emergency department of the rotunda..not looking forward to not on Facebook so can only chat here..thanks again xx


    No I didn’t do anything really except the general taking of folic acid. I tried very soon after having a lap on the first one. I had some hormonal management between the second and third pregnancies aswell.

    No I’m almost embarrassed to say on here that I wasn’t trying for long on any of them. 9 months in total for the 3 . I was extremely lucky.


    Okzy so I got ovarian reserve is 11 which at 28 years old the fertility doctor feels is very low. He thinks its because of the laps ive had plus the endo which I have now.anyone any experience getting these results??? Im having AMH test again next cycle he said if it stays at 11 I should think of IVF for the future if its lower than 11 next cycle I need to get going with IVF ASAP. To add fuel to the fire my hubbys swimmers are DRUNK (low motility) but I know thats also having HSG test next trying so hard to be optimistic but im just exhausted from it all..anyone has any experience please do reply feel so lonely in all this…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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