The EAI hold an Annual Information in March to coincide with Endometriosis Awareness Week and it is the highlight of our calendar every year. We also hold a number of support group meetings throughout the year. As we are a voluntary organisation we encourage our member and supporters to fundraise for us and look for sponsorship opportunities.

EAI Chairperson Kathleen – Health Hero!

‘I wanted to make sure no one else would have to wait nine years for a diagnosis’

Endometriosis sufferer Kathleen King wants to educate society about the painful condition

Triona’s Story on Irish Independent

Triona Collins made the decision to have a hysterectomy three years ago because, unlike Dunham, she already had children. And while it was made clear to her that this wouldn't cure her endometriosis, she wanted to put an end to painful periods. "I have had endometriosis since my first period when I was 13 as I had crippling pain and sickness from day one and extremely heavy periods," says the 37-year-old. "I knew I was different from my friends as they would take paracetamol (for period pain) and would be fine, whereas no matter what I took I was still in terrible pain and would be vomiting and close to fainting with my periods. I often had to get an injection from my GP just to get through.

Bébhinn and Julie at the Irish Times Office for The Women's Podcast

Bébhinn and Julie speak to Kathy Sheridan on Irish Times Women’s Podcast

When you’ve been through endometriosis journeys as we have, you do kind of go – this is so unfair. The system is loaded against women,” says Bébhinn Nic Liam, board member of the Endometriosis Association of Ireland.

Endometriosis is one of the most common gynaecological diseases affecting up to one in 10 women, yet it is poorly understood, and a diagnosis takes an average of seven years.

“There’s a real injustice being done to women, so you put your fatigue and your own pain to one side and you go – right, this can’t happen,” Nic Liam tells Kathy Sheridan on the latest episode of the Women’s Podcast.

“Running the mini-marathon helped me through life challenges” delighted to see Lisa’s story in the Evening Echo!

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Noelle’s Story

Read Noelle's story on living with endometriosis.  

Run the Women’s Mini Marathon

Run the Women's mini marathon in Dublin for the EAI in June and receive some support from us! On the day we will be hosting a space for runners, providing some much needed refreshments afterwards and we will be providing T shirts for those that wish to wear them. Register here We appreciate your fundraising and physical efforts! Let us give you some support on the day. Sign up on our fundraising page. Thank you!.