Endometriosis Ireland Support
The Endometriosis Association of Ireland offers support and information to women in Ireland who are affected by endometriosis, as well as their partners, family and friends. We are a fully voluntary organisation, run by women who are themselves affected by endometriosis. We are not a medical organisation and cannot, ourselves, offer specific medical advice. We can, however, give you general medical information from reliable sources, and direct you to where you will find reliable information on all aspects of the disease.

Support Helpline - +353 86 320 3855

Annual Information Day

Each year we organise an Information Day, with invited speakers including a gynaecologist specialising in endometriosis and a specialist in non-medical aspects of treatment and self-care. There is a question & answer session with the speakers and information on self-care, complementary therapies and alternative treatments. Anyone who wants to know about endometriosis is welcome to come along, get informed, and get talking to other people affected by the disease.

Support Meetings

As well as the annual Information Day, we organise support meetings three times a year. There is an invited speaker who will give a talk on a particular topic, and plenty of opportunity to chat informally to others and exchange tips and information.

Individual Support by Phone and Email

If you have any questions about endometriosis, or would like to contact others who have the disease, you are invited to contact us at any time by email, If you would like to speak to someone on the phone, please text or call 086-3203855. If you like, you could send us an email with your phone number and we can call you back. Please note that the phone is not switched on all the time, or at specific times, but we check for messages frequently and will get back to you as soon as possible.