Million Woman March For Endometriosis 2014 (EndoMarch)

Beyond the overarching goal of raising awareness for endometriosis, the Million Women March for Endometriosis seeks to promote the following goals:


  • To unite women and their supporters to take a stand against endometriosis


  • To raise awareness about endometriosis and its effects on women and girls
  • To educate and train members of the medical community, in order to promote early detection and improved treatment

Effect Change:

  • To educate the public and medical professionals about endometriosis
  • To find a cure for endometriosis, and to develop non-invasive diagnostic tests
  • To implement health screenings for endometriosis among girls and young women in public schools
  • To educate our government and congress to allocate funding for endometriosis

In Ireland, we combined our Endometriosis Information Day – Living Well With Endometriosis with the Worldwide EndoMarch Event. The information day was held in the Lucan Spa Hotel, Dublin. A survey of women in Ireland was also carried out as part of the event, their responses can be seen on  women also submitted poems and some even held their own mini endomarches!

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