Endometriosis Awareness Month 2023

Endometriosis Awareness Month is observed every March, with events to educate and promote awareness of endometriosis taking place all over the world.

Employment Law Guide

This year, the Endometriosis Association of Ireland kicked off #EndoMarch with the launch of our Employment Law Guide for people living with Endometriosis. The genesis of the guide was in response to the many emails the EAI receives from people with employment-related queries, and how employment law applies to those with endometriosis. We worked with one of Ireland’s leading law firms to compile the guide which provides a practical source of information for both employers and employees. Download your copy here.

Women’s Health Campaign

The EAI was invited to participate in the Women’s Health campaign in conjunction with the Irish Independent. The campaign launched on 8th March, International Women’s Day, to promote greater understanding of topics such as reproductive and gynecological conditions, breast and ovarian cancers, and the signs of endometriosis. The article appeared in the digital and print version of the newspaper and was promoted widely as part of the campaign. Read the article here.

Below the Belt

On March 24th we collaborated with Shannon Cohn’s team to host a virtual screening of her film Below the Belt. The film exposes widespread problems in our healthcare systems and tells the stories of women living with the condition. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the film visit www.belowthebelt.film

Endometriosis Info Day 2023

The 2023 Endometriosis Information Day took place on Saturday 25 th March offering expert insights on developments and clinical pathways for people living with endometriosis, the role of nutrition and natural remedies to manage pain, and an in-depth look at the role of cannabinoids within the context of pain management. With 144 people in attendance at the presentations, EAI would like to thank the commitment and hard work of the Info Day subcommittee, the speakers, and host Emer Murray, who volunteered their time to make the day a success.

Layout of the day:

12pm: Dr. Alison DeMaio & Yvonne Counihan – Consultant Obstetrictian & Gynaecologist and Clinical Nurse Specialist at Tallaght University Hospital

1pm: Dian Shepperson Mills – Director and Nutritional Therapist at The Endometriosis and Fertility Clinic

2pm: Professor David Finn – Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at University of Galway

If you missed the chance to join us on the day, access to the recordings can be requested by email, contact info@endo.ie

Finally, the Endometriosis Association of Ireland would like to thank the volunteers and supporters that helped make our #EndoMarch initiatives a success throughout the month, and congratulate those in the wider Endo community on their drive to raise awareness on the condition.

Please note the EAI is a volunteer led charity and it may take some time for us to reply to all emails received. We thank you for your patience in advance.
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