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Surgery with Chris Mann

Hi I am going to Birmingham next week to have excision surgery with Chris Mann. Anyone who has had surgery there have recommendations on where to stay? Loads of places…
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New and Desperate

Hello, I am from America and in June 2018 I had diagnostic laparoscopy (Stage 4 endo), with excision and removal of 3 cysts. This year, I began experiencing horrible symptoms…
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Any Advice on Dr Fiona Martyn?

Hi everyone. Any advice on Dr Fiona Martyn and Merrion Fertility on dealing with endometriosis? Had an ultrasound and a consultation today with Merrion fertility, based at Holles street. My…
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Dr Sharon Moss or Alternative?

Hi, I was referred by my GP to Dr Sharon Moss at the Beacon. I met with her today, and she wanted to perform an ablation. I asked about excision,…
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Dr Gabriel Mitroi – Feedback

Hi, I am planning on travelling to Romania to have surgery with Dr Gabriel Mitroi and wanted to see if anyone here had surgery with him and if they had…
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Choclate Cyst x 2

Hi All, I'm looking to see if anyone else has what I do and if so what have medical treatment have you had? So I have never suffered with a…
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On Endometriosis and Surgery

Can I add to the conversation here on excision, ablation, surgery etc . . with all surgery comes risk, with all surgery you need to take into consideration the skill…
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