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On behalf of all those affected by #endometriosis and #adenomyosis in Ireland, I want to thank our members and presenters today. Aimee, Sarah, and Jean done us all proud. Thank you to all who came to the press conference and the presentation and to everyone who supported us by emailing, tweeting, sharing etc. Your efforts were noted by everyone. Thank you to Aoileann and Bébhinn for being there and to those who shared their personal experiences with us today also.
This is a small step in awareness, worldwide endometriosis is a major issue. Ireland can lead out on this by reducing diagnostic delay, improving access to skilled surgeons, and by educating not only the public but also our healthcare professionals.

Sincere thanks to Gino Kenny TD and Aimee Brown for organising this event. It was my pleasure to work with everyone to make this day a success.

Links to media coverage and Topical Debate in Oireachtas:

Endometriosis Sufferers Call For Greater Awareness Of The Condition











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