“Looking after yourself during the Holidays: Self-care and endometriosis” was a panel event which took place on 3rd December 2020. It was chaired by Lynn Enright, an Irish journalist who writes for The Irish Times, the Guardian, Vogue, Grazia and The Gloss. Her first book, Vagina: A Re-Education, was published in 2019. It won the Women’s Health Book Of The Year at the Hearst Big Book Awards, 2019.

The purpose of this event was to discuss how we can all take care of ourselves during this stressful time of year, which has been made even more so due to the pandemic and its accompanying isolation and anxiety.

The event included a Q&A session at the end.

Joining Lynn on the panel was

1. Shawna Scott is the powerhouse behind Sex Siopa, Ireland’s most beloved sex toy retailer. Since 2012 Sex Siopa has been delighting the nation with a curated range of beautifully designed sex toys and accessories made exclusively from bodysafe materials. Shawna spoke at the Endometriosis Information Day in 2019 and has had a table at the event in previous years.

2. Sarah Rose from the Instagram account @mypelvicpain discovered she had all the symptoms of endometriosis on social media and finally got her diagnosis in 2019 after ten long years in the dark. She uses her Instagram account to connect with others and raise awareness of endometriosis so no other person ever again has to wait a decade for their diagnosis. She is also the Health & Well-being Editor for The Everyday Magazine.

3. Daisy Horan is the founder of Yes Counselling & Psychotherapy. Daisy’s background is in Humanities, where she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy from ICHAS through Griffith College Dublin. She work as an Integrative Therapist. Daisy works collaboratively with my clients to empower them on their journey with an emphasis on validating their difficulties, to achieve change. She is a member of both the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy(BACP) and the National Association for Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy (NAPCP). She is also a member Psychology Today and of Stillpoint Spaces International. For more information please visit https://www.yescounselling.ie​

This event took place online and was free.

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